Lady Godiva 950th Anniversary Celebration

Report on Lady Godiva 950th Anniversary Celebration

At the stroke of three o’ clock the Godiva Sisters and Pru Porretta dressed as Lady Goodyver (now written Godiva) proudly processed from Broadgate. Pru was clothed with the beautiful handmade cloak of 950 flowers, created by children and communities for Godiva leading up to our special day.

All 20 Godiva Sisters were there representing their different faiths and communities in their traditional gowns, African drumming, giant specially made banners, decorated umbrellas and several hundred people.

Even though the Godiva Clock puppets didn’t come out, the enjoyment wasn’t spoilt, and indeed was enhanced by the community spirit. Everyone watched the colourful spectacle and the programme unfolded in Priory Gardens with songs, drama and dances becoming a feast for the eyes and tasting foods of many different cultures brought by the Godiva Sisters

The Godiva Trust were pleased to have our Deputy Lord Mayor – Councillor John Blundell, and Ursula Russell MBE Deputy Lieutenant of the West Midlands plus several city councillors in attendance this year. They were also pleased to have the continuing support of the Master of the Freeman’s Guild – Tony Archer, the President of Mercia Lions -Ravinder Singh Sandhu and the support of Coventry Rotary Club – John Hartley. Thanks also to the Canon for Reconciliation at Coventry Cathedral – Reverend Dr Sarah Hills, who gave such a lovely blessing on us all.

There was a big crowd of Coventry people and a good celebratory atmosphere.  Again the Trust thanks local schools,especially St Elizabeth’s,St Osburg’s, St Mary and St Bendedicts and the many communities for taking part – their interest and energy makes it all worthwhile.

The Trust hopes that the people of Coventry will want to be involved with us again next year.  Please put the date in your diary:  Heritage Open Days Friday 13th September 2018.

Godiva 950th Anniversary – Dame Goodyvers Daye

Sunday 10th September 2017

Start at Broadgate by Godiva Statue 3.00pm Procession Cathedral Quarter, to Priory Gardens finish by 6.00pm

Unique chance to celebrate the actual 950th Anniversary of Lady Godiva, Countess of Mercia. Come and join our celebration in the historic Cathedral Quarter in the Heart of Coventry.
Sunday 10th September is the actual feast day of Godiva Dame Goodyver’s Daye; a traditional feast day given by the Guild of Cappers and Feltmakers many centuries ago and revived by Coventry’s official Lady Godiva Pru Porretta MBE who believes that Lady Godiva is as important a figure today as she has ever been.
See and admire the beautiful new cloak of 950 flowers handmade by children and communities running up to our celebration also medieval and traditional national costumes worn by our Godiva Sisters.
Join in and hear music, song and dance performances with Adults and children from all around the world.Meet Godiva and her sisters: heroes in their own cultural, ethnic or religious traditions, characters both ancient and modern, whose lives have inspired and can still inspire today through the story of Godiva.

Enjoy tastes of traditional Coventry God cakes, Irish soda bread, Asian, African, Malaysian and Serbian treats.
The Godiva Trust helps a new generation of women from Coventry’s diverse cultures better relate and reinterpret our heritage celebration with a unique identity, and underpins the City’s International role as a Centre for Peace and Reconciliation.

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Events photo’s May & June 2017


May Walk 2017

Monday 1st May Day Walk
11 am start.11.15 am Nailcote Hall.Just after midday continue walk via Spencer Lane to Berkswell. The Bear Inn request prior booking for lunch. The Reading Room is also open for lunches.

Follow link for details

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1,000 Years of Coventry Heritage


Godiva TrustCommemorate the 1,000th anniversary of the birth of Coventry. Through a program of dance, music and story telling we will walk through the key events of the last 1000 years of Coventry dating back to St. Osburga as the first woman of Coventry. As part of the celebration a Tapestry capturing the history of Coventry will be unveiled. Created and inspired by hundreds of people, this hand crafted work of art, incorporates multi-faith intergenerational work by schools and communities.

Event Times
Friday 9 September: 10.30-13.00
No booking required, Free event open to all

Lady Godiva, Godiva Sisters, schools and communities will join in a procession of music and colour to walk from Broadgate to Coventry Cathedral

11.00am (Coventry Cathedral)
Artistic performances of music, dance and drama to tell the story of 1000 years of Coventry’s history
Presentation of Tapestry depicting key events of 1000 years

12.00pm (Coventry Cathedral)
Refreshments & music

Coventry’s heritage Cathedral quarter is surrounded by cobble stones and one way access the only immediate parking is for disabled badge holders only,but general parking is available in Cox Street Car Park or the West Orchards Shopping area Car Park which is very close to Broadgate.

Additional information
This year and day is the special feast day of Saint Osburga the first woman of Coventry. In the year 1016 Coventry was burnt to the ground her convent and all nuns massacred by the Vikings. It is believed that Godiva and Leofric built their church on the very spot and thus Coventry began. Lady Godiva, Countess of Mercia shares this feast day too, Dame Goodyvers Daye. Pru is the founder of the Godiva Trust charity and originator of the annual Godiva procession, an event created to build on our heritage, the powerful heroines across cultures to promote social cohesion.